Nature Vs. Me

I may or may not have left footprints on my journeys but my travel escapades have  definitely managed to leave indelible imprints in my heart.

If the incessant rain and lush greenery of Matheran in India left me spellbound, so did the desert wilderness of Southwestern United States. Hiking the length of two slot canyons is a surreal experience – if one seemed dreamlike with the walls of the canyon emanating different hues due to the effect of sunlight on the the sandstone and basalt rock, the other couldn’t have been any more different with its oozing lushness of fresh green moss and icy cold water streaming over my feet – both equally awe-inspiring experiences. The adrenaline rush of my skydive was as gratifying as the scuba-diving experience. If witnessing lava flowing into the ocean as the lashing waves hissed displayed the rage of nature, lying in a natural hot spring overlooking the snow capped mountains sung to me songs of peace.

Each of these experiences are more than memories – they have sent rivulets of amazement gushing through me, induced tremors of joy in my heart, and showered snowflakes of peace in my mind – altering me, sculpting me to become who I am today.

My style of travelling

I admire all travellers alike, irrespective of their style of travelling. Some find comfort in luxurious vacations with family and friends while others collect memories backpacking solo on a shoestring budget. As for me, I try to strike a middle-ground between the two, staying in inexpensive AirBnBs when possible, trying out the street-foods but ready to indulge in a glass of wine or an exotic dish if I feel like it. Fortunately, the love of my life, Mr.S is equally passionate about travelling and accompanies me on most of my trips.


So far 

As the famous adage goes, life may present a fairy-tale only every once in a while. But, ask a traveller and the person will tell you that every fling with a new place is nothing short of a fairy-tale. Before the start of every trip that I have taken, my heart hammers with the same levels of excitement and I look forward to each of the adventures with as much zest as the previous one.

  • My travel in India was limited to weekend getaways and so far, have managed to cover many places in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana, Goa, Maharashtra and visited Delhi owing to being tied down to either studies or work.
  • Europe: Even though it has been childhood dream to travel extensively through Europe, so far, I have managed to just squeeze a mini vacation spanning Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.
  • USA: Coming here, I realized the vastness of this country and the magnitude of travel opportunities here for someone who has grown up on the other side of the world. I have visited some of the national parks and well-known travel hot-spots in California including the must-do PCH roadtrip, visited Oregon, seen the Grand Canyon and some equally astounding landscapes in Page, and island-hopped in Hawai’i visiting the islands of Kaua’i, O’ahu and The Big Island.

I may have not covered major countries or cities yet (the whole world is on my travel agenda, trust me) but I find equal joy in discovering newer places, even if nearby because eventually, they all add to the mosaic of my travel escapades.