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Hola ! My name is Amogha (pronounced ah-moh-gah) and I understand it may seem like a rather strange name to some of you. So, to make it all easier you are free to address me as Amo.

They say, to live fully, one has to either read or travel in order to experience multiple lives. When it comes to me, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that I feel fully alive either while I am travelling or when immersed in a book.

Outdoors, in the midst of towering trees with a stream running by is where I don the brightest of my smiles.

The early chapters 

Hailing from India, my journey has involved living in various Indian cities and interacting with a variety of people. A literature junkie and art enthusiast, I have always loved stories. Be it the ones narrated by my grandmother at bedtime, the tales my mother read out to me, yarns that my cousins whispered to me while we lay under the starlit summer nights, the fables that sung to me from tattered old books, or the ones that spilled over from my father’s travel suitcase when he came back home every fortnight. They all had one thing in common – they painted images of faraway lands on the canvas of my mind. Needless to say, these vignettes planted seeds of wanderlust in my heart early on.

My gypsy soul says Amen !

Bewitched by a maze of wild imaginings, winged words and wanderlust, I don’t meet dead ends – just a canvas for another story.

Current home

Contemplation by a lake in Yosemite National Park.

Owing to a variety of circumstances, I took a career break more than a year ago and eventually moved to the sunny state of California. Unlike other travel bloggers, I cannot say that this break was taken with the sole intention of travelling. However, I fill most of my time by travelling, reading and writing (or at least trying to write). When I moved to the US last year, all the places around were relatively new to me (some of them still are) and the novelty of discovering each of them for the very first time combined with the cultural differences enriched the flavour of my travel experience.Ten months and thirteen road-trips later (as of Jan 2017), my wanderlust has only grown.

Why ‘Finding Hues’ ?

When the world is a gushing blur of blinding lights, travel for me is a way to step back and admire the individual colours, to notice the gradual shifting of hues as one colour transforms into another; and in the process of finding these hues, satiate the cravings of my gypsy soul.


Finding Hues is to serve as a home for all my travel tales, meandering musings, and picture poetry.


You can see a overview of my travel escapades or get to know more about how I travel in the Footprints tab.