Tête-à-tête #1 : Howdy-do!

Howdy-do lovely people !

You may or may not remember me – I am the girl who published a couple of blog-posts with promises to come back and blog more, but totally disappeared from the face of blogosphere without a trace. While my disappearance may have been justified if I had taken a round-the-world trip, sadly, it is not the case. I am nowhere close to growing new wings that can take me around the world; the wings I already have are still fluttering in sunny-again-California. Rains and spring have sprinkled some pixie dust, so every landscape looks new – lush green, bursting with myriad colours – so I must admit that my gypsy soul is unusually content to stay put. (For now.)

Now I am here again, waving both my hands in huge, elaborate gestures so that you can spot me in the crowd. Ah, there, I caught your attention! I hope the change of season has infused a new lease of energy and all you folks have been well. I know people living in Southern Hemisphere are heading towards the other end of the seasonal spectrum, whereas the tropical and sub-tropical folks play a different ball game altogether. But the inter-webs are filled with pictures of fresh blooms everywhere, so it is easy to think that it is spring has taken over the world. After all, spring is the season of trying to forget that winter ever existed.

Arriving to the main question – why didn’t I publish any more blog posts since my last one? I wish I could tell you that I was down with a writer’s block or that I didn’t have anything to talk about. Truth is – there are few drafts I worked on but I never got around to publishing them.  At this juncture,  I will reveal FunFact#1 : this blog post was originally titled ‘Tête-à-tête Tuesday’ but here I am, publishing this on a Monday, two weeks later than I intended to click ‘Submit’. It would be most befitting if you tagged me as an ‘intermittent blogger’ as per my old habits. Old habits – being an avid blogger on a different platform and had an extremely different style of writing – never breathing a word about my life in any of my posts. Instead, I hid behind a veil of stories and skewed poetry to convey my feelings. And now, when I was finally sharing snippets of my life on a public forum, I have decided to concentrate on only my travel experiences. Of course, there are quite a few reasons behind this change of heart, but I will not burden you all with the details. However, I will reveal one just one for today – I am my number one critic and all my posts die a premature death because they don’t meet what my husband dubs as “Amo’s overtly critical, totally unnecessary” standards. I decided to stick to travel-related narratives in this blog because I knew I would be able to do justice to even my own subconscious and eventually, write more.

The main reason why I am writing this personal post as opposed to a Travel snippet is the simple intention of letting all of you lovely people know that while I may have initially intended this to be a travel blog, there’s much more to me than just the travelling. On this journey of mine where I am trying to grow as a person, I want to keep a space open where I get to know wonderful bloggers like you. I will write at least one non-travel post from time to time which I will place under the category ‘Tête-à-tête’, so that we will have some hidden trail to unravel about each other. Ultimately, getting to know people is much like travelling – a unique journey in itself.

While I stay put, I have bookmarked the notifications I received whenever you guys updated your blogs. I am yet to go through all the posts that I have missed out on. I will try to clear the backlog as soon as possible. Feel free to drop in links of any posts you think I should check out. I will be on it like a hound that has caught the scent of blood, or like a foodie who has caught the smell of pizza! 😉

~ Amo


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  1. Deb says:

    Write what your heart tells you to and enjoy! Welcome back. 🙂


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